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The Role of a Funeral Celebrant

This the full text of an article that appeared in the Bromsgrove Oracle of March/April 2019:

"Elaine Jordan Explains the Role of a Funeral Celebrant

Many people are not aware of the work of a funeral celebrant and to be totally honest, until three years ago, I had never heard the term myself. 

Then I attended the funeral of a friend’s husband that was taken by a celebrant. It was a well-attended service for a well loved and respected man and what struck me was that, although I had only met the man once, I came away feeling that I had known him well for some time. 

The service was warm and welcoming and paid tribute to and celebrated the life of the man we had lost in a way that reflected his values, wishes and beliefs – it was, you might say, a ‘life-centred’ and bespoke service. 

It was there and then that I knew that I wanted to train to become a funeral celebrant and after researching the work and training options, within two days I booked on a training course and I have never looked back.

Celebrant led funeral services are very flexible and fit somewhere between those of the clergy and humanists on the spectrum of ministers. 

Whilst they are not closely linked to any religion or belief in an after-life, the celebrant is more than happy to include hymns, prayers, readings etc. in the service if preferred. 

In other words, the funeral service can be non-religious or semi-religious. Whilst most of the services take place in a crematorium and sometimes at a graveside, nowhere other than a church is off limits for the celebration of life to take place. 

Families sometimes choose a venue that had some significance for their loved one, and then proceed to the crematorium or cemetery to say their final farewells.

If you would like to know more about me and the type of funeral services I deliver, then please visit my website or telephone me.


I live in Bromsgrove and I am happy to give short talks and meet with members of local organizations, such as care homes churches and the W.I. 

I enjoy working in our community both as a celebrant and as a volunteer for local charities. I recently received an award for 10 years’ service as a volunteer at the Primrose Hospice – an organization that is very close to my heart.

Elaine Jordan (Fellowship of Independent Celebrants)"

Visit the Bromsgrove Oracle site to see the article in context (page 10):

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