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Funeral Planning

Imagine the comfort you would feel from knowing that when the time comes, your funeral wishes, in every respect, will be as you would want; and you’ll be pleased to know, I am not suggesting you take out a pre-paid funeral plan. 

Many people have professional wedding planners to relieve the burden of organizing their ‘big day’ and what a good idea it is to do the same with your ‘send off’. 

During my time working as a funeral celebrant, I have delivered hundreds of funeral services, and it is evident to me that many people have little idea, if any, what they should and should not include in the funeral service that they are arranging. 


There are so many options nowadays relating to funerals and service content, and many people don’t know what they all are. For example, do you want to be cremated or buried and where? Or have no funeral at all? What hymns, prayers, poems, music etc. you would like to include? There are also, choices about flowers, dress code, hearse, eulogy information and so on...... 

At a time when emotions are naturally already running high after the death of someone, having in place your documented funeral wishes can be an immense help and relief to those arranging your final farewell. 

If you think it would be helpful to you, why not meet with me to discuss your options? Nothing is set in stone, and you can change your mind about your choices at any time. And it is NOT legally binding.


A recent Testimonial:

“Our sons live abroad and I was anxious about not having any written plans for our funerals. We kept putting it off. Then we met with Elaine, who immediately put us at ease and made the process much easier than we had imagined. Job well done and a relief for us all’. 

Eileen Bicknell, Droitwich, Worcestershire 


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