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Eulogy Writing Service

I am also pleased to offer a eulogy writing service, either for your own funeral - when that time comes - or for the funeral of someone that you knew well that you have been asked  to pay tribute to.


If the eulogy is for yourself, you can tell me what you want - and don’t want - to be said at your own funeral.  Some people may want to include facts that may not be widely known. Others may want to reassure those attending that there were no regrets. Some may want to combine humour with the tribute or ask that family and friends lead a meaningful and fulfilling life after their departure.  This is often a comforting thought for people, especially in the case of estranged family members or no family at all.


Or, perhaps you have been asked to write and deliver a eulogy at the funeral service of a family member, friend or work colleague. You may have lots of thoughts and ideas but are unsure how to put them on paper. Or you may just have no idea where to start. 


I will undertake to write a life-centred eulogy that is a unique and special celebration for you or the deceased in a way that honours and reflects your thoughts, feelings and memories. 


My experience shows that personal contact is the thing that gives reassurance and confidence to people  in circumstances that are normally emotionally very stressful. Therefore, my services are based on either telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings. Before we speak or meet I will send you a fact finding form just to give you a feel for the kind of information I will need from you. It will also help to focus our conversation when we do have our chat.


You have two options:


Option 1:

You let me have information about yourself or the deceased in a chat on the telephone, in which case we can agree a mutually convenient time for this to happen. Based on what you tell me, I will write a bespoke and meaningful eulogy for you - or the person you have lost - and return it for you to agree to.

Option 2:

If you would prefer a more personal touch and would like to meet me at your home or somewhere else convenient so as to discuss the eulogy, then that is fine. You may want to invite others to that meeting too. 


I am happy to travel without charge within a 20 mile radius of my home in Bromsgrove to locations in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. If you live further afield that need not be an obstacle. Please contact me to discuss an arrangement - nominal travel expenses where relevant.


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